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tv   [untitled]    July 26, 2011 9:01am-9:31am EDT

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the consequences are still ongoing. while those who have moved to shelters here in tokyo are facing that guilt and the pressure to move back home there are others who have lost everything cannot handle the overwhelming change and they are facing even darker demons japan already has one of the highest suicide rates in the world and following the disaster in march the government has issued a warning about a possible nationwide epidemic of depression here some organic farm us committed suicide because you know before nick. is everything they know each other a good soil for after many hours of hard work and it's just contaminated one night going to go so. far. i'm very sad to hear the news and many other farmers are also very much depressed a recent national survey in japan performed by dr roshini and his team shows that
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suicide rates in japan have been found increased in the months since the disaster compared to the same timeframe in the previous two years but the demographics are not what you might expect. a rate increase. in the. centers. but the fear areas because some by birds struggling to you costs. they have not had to make suicide this disaster has certainly taken its toll on japan's economy and such constant reminders of an intense topic can harm the collective psyche of the people who live here as well because of the. tsunami disaster plus nuclear disaster many people actually lost their jobs or their working on the show has crushed. so. yeah they have of so many good
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reasons to commit suicide. causing japan's death toll to keep rising even little the initial disaster has subsided months before in japan sean thomas over to. the cleanup of the stricken fukushima nuclear plant has been praised by the head of the u.n. nuclear watchdog who said radiation could be contained by the end of the year yukiya amano is visiting the facility to assess the progress in preventing the nuclear crisis from getting worse reactors were heavily damaged by the earthquake and tsunami has caused the cause to melt and released a dangerous amounts of radiation into the environment workers have since been trying to restore the cooling system and stop contaminated water from the reactors leaking into the sea but hiroshima based nuclear energy expert robert jacobs believes the i.a.e.a. visit is a farce and the japanese government still isn't doing enough to protect people. in essence what this is is just just trying to give a nice shine to
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a terrible terrible situation and policy and not really in any way dealing with the actual problems that are facing us here in japan and least plants are still leaching radioactivity into the environment every day into the sea and through the steam of the combing into the air and what what's now preoccupied many people in japan is that even for those of us that live far enough away that we thought we were not in any way threatened by the radiation from the plants we're now finding that because of insufficient oversight to the food supply and public health questions that radiation is turning up in all kinds of food products so you're finding now people in far away from fukushima areas are now beginning to realize that they're not going to be escaping the radiation because of that distance and additionally besides that there's still a rather chaotic policy about what will be happening in the areas that were contaminated near the plants but outside of the evacuation zone for example fukushima city we know that that neither taco tokyo electric or the government
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inform the public when they knew that there had been all nuclear meltdowns people were not told to evacuate at that time and in terms of the current situation there is a great deal of anger especially among parents in fukushima prefecture and nearby that there is not a comprehensive system to try to protect the health of the people in those areas so you are seeing meetings every couple of days in which government officials are being yelled out by local residents who are complaining that they're not being given enough information about the health threats to their children and their families and the situation is in many ways here in japan compounding. that was a nuclear energy expert robert jacobs in hiroshima explaining the current situation in japan. he without see now we're like obama is calling on the american people to step up to the plate and pressure the politicians in dealing with the debt standoff congress has one week left to raise the country's multi-trillion dollar debt
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ceiling if it wants to avoid a potentially devastating default in a nationwide address obama warned that an american default would impact around the world you blame republicans for stalling talks and refusing to accept a balanced approach republican speaker john boehner hit back accusing obama of spending beyond the country's means and expecting a blank check republicans and democrats have been locked in a dispute over whether spending cuts tax hikes is the answer to the debt crisis washington watcher matthew says the government needs to act fast to avoid an investor exodus. obama and the democrats in congress just want to keep on spending. and so they would like to see the debt ceiling raised so that they can continue to give rewards to their supporters among the labor unions and the various political organizations that are sympathetic to the democratic party's cause the u.s. is able to keep raising its debt ceiling because people investors around the world
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have confidence in the united states they believe that the u.s. government will honor its outstanding obligations and so as long as people have faith in the investors have faith in the u.s. government in its credit worthiness then the u.s. could keep raising its debt ceiling the problem right now is that the debt is so high that that in itself is starting to become a negative factor that could lead to a credit rating downgrade of the united states government if china loses confidence in. america. american government's ability to pay its debts then the u.s. will have nowhere to run to the u.s. when the only the only choice it would have would be to keep printing money to inflate the currency run the printing presses and risk devastating hyperinflation or the u.s.
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government would have to drastically cut spending and implement pretty severe austerity measures. now it's. still ahead for you changing the charge for no ways worst peacetime atrocity please consider whether the. seventy six people should not be charged with crimes against humanity. in the ground. british. market. find out what's really happening to the global economy. headlines.
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couldn't take three. three. three. three. three. three. three. without the polish investigators have concluded that pilot error was to blame for last year's small plane tragedy that's according to media reports the crash in russia claimed the lives of president lech kaczynski and much of the country's political elite was a challenge to the intergovernmental panel which blamed the flight crew of the committee pilots had ignored a warning from russian air traffic controllers to abandon the landing but decided to carry out its investigation the plane crashed during its descent into
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a russian airfield and poor weather conditions all ninety six people on board were killed the. investigation is expected to be published before the weekend. a senior north korean diplomat has been invited to new york for talks on how to revive stalled negotiations on his controversial nuclear program some media suggest he's already on his way to the u.s. the move comes just days after a top nuclear envoys from north and south korea got together for the first time in over two years during a security summit in indonesia there they agreed to return to six party talks as soon as possible because actions broke down after north korea's deadly shelling of the south young pyong island what it claimed was in response to provoke an if minute treat drills the u.s. says north korea must dismantle its nuclear facilities before any deal can be reached asia experts say escobar says that would be tough as the north has always seen the u.s. as hostile which makes a little bit of desperation especially because when you look at the build clause
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which is you can dismantle it you nuclear program first and then we decided to talk to you that's an absolute no no i was in north korea last year and i confirmed from north korean officials directly debt this state awfully is the same state of glee as it was fifty eight years ago to morrow to morrow is that fifty eight and in verse three of the armistice that did not end the north korean war for that matter north korea south korea are still at war with each other if there's an armistice and the north koreans are saying we have to sit down the same date with the americans and then we go to formally and the war and then we're going to discuss everything including the nuclear program so this state the bargain i was trying to jump the gun to said ok first you get rid of your nuclear weapons you know that bombed on missiles and then we talk so all visited north koreans are going to watch
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them just special envoy is going to watch is going to say look our position has been missing for the best fifty. e're stake it or leave it first you have to end the war it's true and the war from the north korean point of view is a war against america is not south korea they view it as a bloc that the government of the americas and they view that south korea in the minds of young of course it's still all killed by by american troops there are thirty six to thirty eight thousand us troops but the north korea says it has a western occupation of south korea so no less you start to i really doubt this and basic difference is important it's absolutely impossible to even start talking. now quarter past the hour here in moscow the man who's confessed to killing seventy six people in a rampage in norway may be charged with crimes against humanity thirty two year old and as a pretty vick has already been charged in court with terrorism which he denies the
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bombing of government buildings in central oslo and the massacre at an island youth camp last friday it devastated the nation one hundred thousand people gathered in the capital in tribute to the victims says he targeted norway's leading party for failing on immigration crisis analysts say multiculturalism is a reality we all have to accept even though more pain will come i think europe and the world at large to to its credit has gone from an assimilationist mindset to a multiculturalist mindset and i think now we have to go to what i would call a medical trawl mindset we all need to embrace the idea that there is no there should no longer be separate cultures we are merging into a global culture which is going to require change from both immigrants and native born people living in their own countries we in this missive the says of the cultures is going to be a net positive for all of us unfortunately though the friction early on are going
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to be difficult as we are seeing with the brevik tragedy. tragedy in norway. including police in the country faced criticism for what's being seen as a. hero's all over the world. and you can catch.
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the official. video. and. welcome back here with some of the world's other main news for you right now. people on board has crashed in the south of the country state t.v. news says seventy eight were killed and three were severely injured when the transport ship went down in the mountains north of the border with western sahara bad weather and low visibility are thought to of course the crash. the u.n.
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security council is holding an open to the middle east including palestinian statehood at the united nations. later this year earlier israel threatened to pull out of the oslo accord if the plan went ahead the nine hundred ninety three agreement is the main road map in resolving the conflict it's thought over a hundred countries are promising support for the palestinians in september. police to its northern border with serbia to enforce an import ban imposed last week the move led to a rise in ethnic tension as locals resisted the police presence. they control one of the border crossings but another is being blocked by locals the ban was to counter a boycott of kosovar goods in place since its. independence in two thousand and. violent clashes in afghanistan's helmand province of killed thirty five most of which were insurgents the fighting broke out between taliban nato and local forces
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like militants try to regain territory lost to the u.s. led coalition parts of helmand have seen a rise in violence since the security control was handed over to local forces earlier this month. there is a manhunt underway in russia and it's women trying to snare themselves a husband men aren't exactly an endangered species here but women do outnumber them considerably. reports on the demographic sparing some suspicious sharing. meet andree a father of three and has been to three and other years ago and dre got married two years own he proposed again and then again. why should i refuse any of them if i love them all really why the country's demographic realities andris side include into the latest census there are ten million more women in russia than there are men the shortage of supply leads to the need for sharing a concept that injuries wise say they've made peace with their worth that i thought
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he was kidding but there realize that he wasn't i never expected something like that happening to me but how they used to you know if you love you'll understand we never fight for under a never quarrel there is no kind of competition either. and really considers himself an ardent christian yet to his wives were brought up muslims the distribution of duties and conjugal delights within the household also lies in the islamic traditions. of the several i made the move fairly equal if one wants me to buy her something i will but i'll buy something of the same price for the other two as well i built them three houses and bought three apartments that's fair isn't it . as extraordinary as it seems andres example is not that strange russia many men are in relationships with several women at a time of course most to keep their extramarital affairs secret. though in the morning this may look strange i agree but we consider it better to be
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a second or third wife rather than think you are the only one and be bitterly mistaken the scarcity of man is also be down to their propensity to gauge in was described as unhealthy behavior alcoholism and reckless driving is cheap in a way at the country's gene pool let me tell you my story twenty eight years old reasonably smart fairly pretty and very compassionate yet i'm still single and my odds of tying the knot to get enslavement every year according to recent poll in russia forever single man over thirty there are dozens of single women still on the lookout for that brings with their wounds search for true love becoming statistically challenging no wonder our eyes are wondering abroad and the from russia with love mantra is to go in strong. grief notion out t. moscow. but please stop calling. now twenty years ago one of the world's
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legendary rock bands all but ground to a halt the death of queen's flamboyant front man freddie mercury was undoubtedly a pivotal moment but it's all rest and songwriter brian may tells us that the show did go on and freddie's influence has never faded. it's like a family member you lose them but you don't quite reason because you take them with me. and we were so alone together that. you get that closeness with somebody particularly in the creative environment i don't think trainers are going to do it or even success but in the creative environment you learn to to know what somebody else might be thinking you might not always be right but you have a feeling and so i still feel that and roger does as well in particular it applies more if we're working as queen and we think what would freddie say and you probably would say this. you know he's part of the creative process because he's part of what we are because we really chiseled this thing out all together me pretty and
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roger so i mean for a while i didn't one of you know i was very. it was a point you know the grieving process where i just didn't want to talk about we didn't want to feel that it was there even except it's history but i sort of got through that and now i regard it as part of my life which will never go away and it shouldn't go away because it's so big part of what i would to create to fashion. queens broadway talks to us your thoughts again just over an hour's time but right now look what's happening in business with. para welcome to our business update this hour thanks for joining me russia is looking forward to expand its privatization program to spur economic growth deputy prime minister shaul of laid out the new plan in an article in the database to
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newspaper he suggests the full privatization of fourteen state companies by two thousand and seventeen however according to the plan the government will keep controlling stakes in infrastructure companies like russian will always and transmit. the idea of the privatisation was floated last year with initially time companies but now i think we would have over twenty companies i'm going to number the amount of money they're going to raise is going from something like thirty billion to one hundred twenty billion that's ten percent of g.d.p. this isn't about the money necessarily and of course russia has a budget deficit and needs the money it's more about modernization of taking companies in official companies away from state managers and putting them into the privatization sector and i believe very much this is where russia has a in the early stages of privatization transition the state there is a crucial role for pushing the economy forward as the only economic agent but now russia's reached the point where more state involvement is going to be detrimental
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. well company b.p. has doubled one age dividends for its british shareholders of b.p. b.p. has paid one point six billion dollars to its british partners in dividends overall net profit for the period stands at four and a half billion dollars almost double last year's results meanwhile b.p. has reported a net profit of twelve point seven billion dollars for the first six months of the year that's against a loss of eleven billion dollars in the first half of two thousand and ten caused by the oil spill in the gulf of mexico. and a quick check on the markets oil is trading marginally up that's despite a warning from u.s. president that the country's debt deadlock threatens to damage the u.s. economy the world's largest group consumer european stock markets are trading flat on tuesday with oil giant b.p. swiss bank u.b.s. and chip maker microelectronics all dropping to disappointing results b.p. fell to the half
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a percent in london after its its earnings missed market expectations on low production volumes here in russia markets are trading mixed. analyzing this point two percent in the red cautious trade there with energy shares moving slowly higher orders gold is up one point two percent up to cousin gold purchases eighty nine percent of the company through a reverse takeover. despite a plea to pause expansion russia bank is weighing up new purchase in the express credit market country second largest lender is considering buying a ten percent stake in home credit b.v. by all to be wants to buy a stake in the bank ahead of home credit listing the i.p.o. of a twenty five percent stake is expected to raise along one billion dollars the company's key asset is home credit and finance bank in russia the bank holds a quarter of the instant credit market. and it's a nice and grew up in germany have put the finishing touches to their new power
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plants in siberia they formed a foreign energy giants are the leading investors in russia's liberalize palm lock it building more new capacity than russian firms that puts the generators are turning creating much needed electricity last year power companies built a record for gigawatts of capacity enough to power a quarter of moscow and its foreign firms which provided the lion's share of the investment major milestone have already begun. the market this liberalize that the reserve regulatory frame or there are markets or capacity and then are g.e. what we wish is to progress with this in making it more functioning russia opened its power sector four years ago privatizing most generating capacity during the crisis some russian firms failed to me their investment obligations while foreigners increased their market share for mass on nine percent of capacity.
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but the commission seventy eight percent of new units generators are now asking regulators for predictability this year the russian government curbed price rises to fifteen percent would generate a sale lost the millions but that hasn't stopped the flaking off switches that you know political business our team that's our business of data for this hour but i'll be back with more in about forty five minutes from now.
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please. just simply. say.
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welcome back you're with aussie law from moscow a summary headlines suicide rates rise in japan as people struggle with the off. the earthquake disaster meanwhile the atomic watchdog says that radiation at the fukushima nuclear plant could be contained within months. dark days ahead president obama now calls on the public pressure congress into an agreement to avoid a default and he blames republicans for stalling. to accept a balanced compromise to the nation's debt crisis. and north korean diplomat is
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invited to new york to try and revive long stalled. nuclear program the move comes just days after envoys from the north and south korea agreed to resume discussions the first meeting in over two years. now it's turned to the caucasus where the republican is gearing up to elect a new president this of course following the death of. al going off now interviews the prime minister about the future of the country without. we'll be. bringing you the latest unsigned systems technologies from the realms of motion. we've done for the future coverage.
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hello again and welcome to squash the interview show on our t.v. i'm al gore nod and today my guest industry is set again shall by three years ago two small code patients territories opera's the south is said to be i came into the spotlight of international media following the south pacific to military conflict the two the fact independent republics were finally recognized the first lead by russia and a couple of other countries two months ago a positive the last was president the late city of baghdad and is now preparing for a snap election of a new head of state what's going on do in that cause the f.b.i. has prostrates independents who they present prime minister and president hopeful sygate child back.


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